We offer to students an easy and inexpensive, yet serious, personalized assessment program to attain higher grades and increased chances of college admission- SMART GRADES.NET™.

To get SMART GRADES.NET™, follow two proven steps:

  1. Sign up and take SMART GRADES.NET™. The results will appear in seconds and compare your scores with 65,000 high school students and 65,000 college students.
  2. Study SMART GRADES Express™. Included are four SMART GRADES.NET™ improvement areas.
    • Three proven principles of grade success.
    • A chart that shows where your score compared to others, including areas of needed improvement.
    • Checklists, techniques and a contract for improvement of grades.
    • A suggested textbook and exercises to improve the factors measured.

As deans of admissions and professors, we have used SMART GRADES.NET™ to increase college admissions and the grades of high shcool and first year college students.

Benefits to students...

  • Compare your scores with 65,000 high school or 65,000 college students in the same grade.
  • Check yearly progress through the first year of college.
  • Focus on specific areas that need grade improvement.
  • Learn important intervention strategies that improve grades.
  • Find the SSFI easy to take.
  • Find the SSFI fast to take (15 minutes) in the privacy of the home or at school.
  • See the instant feedback of scores and strategies.
  • Study the results, definitions and strategies found in the SMART GRADES Express™.
  • Schools invest only a few dollars under a purchase contract in SMART GRADES.NET™.
  • Individual users invest $9.95.

Join with thousands of fellow students and complete SMART GRADES.NET™. It is the most important investment you will make in your journey to college acceptance and beyond. Let's work on SMART GRADES.NET™.

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